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February 8 in San Antonio history...

1868Feb. 8, 1868 002
Today’s edition of the San Antonio Express newspaper (right) features a photograph pasted to the front page of each copy.  The photograph, called a homeograph, is a reproduction of a line drawing entitled “Answer of the Germans to the Above”, referencing the article above the photo.  Both the line drawing and the homeograph are creations of Carl G. Von Iwonski of San Antonio.  This is arguably the first photograph to appear in a newspaper anywhere.

Many leading citizens of San Antonio have suggested that the new Carnegie Library be placed in the center of Main Plaza or one of the other centrally located parks, like the City Hall and Market House are.  “As Travis Park is to have a Confederate monument at its center, Milam Square a monument in its center and Alamo Plaza some day a monument to the fallen heroes of the Alamo in its center, Main Plaza appears to be the only plaza left free for this purpose.” – San Antonio Light

The San Antonio Light reports that Santa Rosa hospital will sponsor the San Antonio premiere of the movie “The Black Stallion” at the Galaxy Theater on March 13.  The equine star of the movie is Cass Ole, a black Arabian stallion owned by San Antonio doctor Lee Cuello and his daughter, Francesca.  Cass Ole will make an appearance at the theater.

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